Nestled in the heart of Bangkok, where tradition meets innovation, Kavant & Sharart is a unique fusion of engineering brilliance and artistic inspiration. The mastermind behind this fine jewelry brand is none other than Nuttapon (Kenny), an ingenious engineer with a passion for crafting transformative adornment. By his side is Shar-linn, his wife and co-founder, whose intuitive understanding of women's desires adds a touch of finesse to their creations. 
At the heart of Kavant & Sharart's aesthetics and philosophy lies the belief that jewelry should not only fulfill the wearer's desire for beauty but also embody originality that accentuates their personality. The atelier is a haven for those seeking a fusion of abstract expressionism and timeless elegance, where jewelry becomes a personal statement reflecting the depths of the wearer's personality.  The craftsmanship and design language is truly catered to the discerning tastes of the style connoisseur.
Kavant & Sharart's design ethos emphasizes the timeless and transitional nature of jewelry—adornments that stand the test of different seasons, ultimately becoming cherished heirlooms passed down through generations.

Founders of Kavant & Sharart -Nuttapon & Shar-linn

Kenny, with a familial background in a fine jewelry store and a lineage of jewelers, naturally harbored a passion for design. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where the couple met,, they relocated to California. Kenny pursued education at the G.I.A, while Shar-Linn initially delved into the financial sector before succumbing to the allure of jewelry, following Kenny's path.

In 2011, they tied the knot and decided it was time to elevate their designs by collaborating as a team, creating jewels tailored for modern women. Currently residing between Bangkok and Singapore, the couple frequently travels the region, seeking inspiration for their contemporary collection.


In the vibrant world of design, Kenny and Shar-Linn, two designers with contrasting inspirations, found an unexpected harmony that defined their unique creative collaboration. Kenny, driven by an avant-garde spirit, draws inspiration from the boundless wonders of nature, particularly the sea, which fueled his imagination with endless ideas. On the other hand, Shar-Linn, captivated by the allure of the Art Deco period and Oriental arts, sought to breathe new life into traditions, creating modern styles that echoes the eclectic charm of Art Deco.

Their studio is a melting pot of creativity, where geometric lines seamlessly intertwined with subtle curves, forging a visual language that spoke of their diverse influences. The Art Deco era's elegance and Shar-Linn’s commitment to infusing tradition with contemporary flair complemented Kenny's organic and fluid designs inspired by the ever-changing sea. 

The duo's design sessions became a dance of ideas, where the avant-garde met the classic, and the traditional merged with the contemporary. Each piece they crafted bore the fingerprints of this distinctive partnership, a testament to the beauty that arises when seemingly disparate inspirations find common ground. 

Their journey was not without challenges, but it was in overcoming these hurdles that their collaboration truly flourished. The interplay between Kenny’s love for the sea and Shar-Linn’s passion for reinterpreting tradition resulted in a collection that resonated with a broad spectrum of art enthusiasts. 

As the brand continues to gain recognition, the New York Times lauded Kavant & Sharart for their innovative approach and Forbes most recently recommended its readers to invest in their transformable earrings. 

Adorned by stars and celebrated with awards—Kavant & Sharart graces the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Madonna, Tina Fey, Lupita Nyong'o, Lily Collins, Naomi Watts, and Priyanka Chopra. From winning the debut award at the 2016 Couture Show to the recent triumph of the Best in Bridal & Couture Choice Award in 2022, their creations continue to shine in the spotlight of celebrity and industry acclaim.