Origami Brushed Link no.5 Champagne Diamond Hanging Earrings


Champagne Diamond 0.39ct

Earrings 18K Brushed Yellow Gold

Width 0.625 inches 

Length 1.15inches

With merely 5 simple folds, the starting point for Link No.5 was a piece of scrap paper. The designers intentionally stopped at 5 folds for the reason that in Thai, the number 5 is an exclamation of happiness due to its pronunciation of “ha”.

The collection has a distinctive Asian flavor with modern sensibilities, an aesthetic the designers are really proud of as they are both of Asian descent. Blurring the boundaries between traditional and contemporary jewelry, set in 18-karat gold, Link No.5 incorporates colorful gemstones and diamonds carefully angled within bold symmetric lines. The idea is to keep the design simple for everyday yet visually arresting and timeless.

Ship within 1-2 weeks

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